D_3. Academic

D_2. Different

D_1. Experimental


50x50 cms oil on canvas 2009
Koljan in the Spirit of Matisse. Charcoal on paper. 2009

Koljan as a Mystical Warrior. Charcoal on paper. 2009

Koljan as Arlekin. Charcoal on paper. 2009

Koljan in a sequence crayon on paper. 2009

Koljan in Orange / 1000x1000mm / oil on canvas / 2009

First sketch_2008

P_2. Shadows

Ginger Shadows

Olive Shadows

Shadow Studies

P_1. Reflection N1

Reflection N 1

Reflection N 1_sketch

Reflection N 2_sketch

Reflection N _sketch

A_3. Hotel

BIG Drawing /Bridge Hotel + Habitable Facade/
Habitable Facade (!) /Continuation + Transparency without Glass/
Popcorn Buildings Diagram
Popcorn Buildings

modification 1modification II
modification III

Transparency without Glass (material experiments)

some strange drawings

concept (?) model... bridge-hotel (!)

some material + formal experiments

atmosphere + process behind the model casted
sequence to create spaces

hotel moment
Habitable Facade /Animation/