ARTHITECTURES = meeting of Art and Architecture in Space
Intruding into the Pink by the Pink / 51x66cm / oil on canvas

Intruding into the Pink / 30x100cm/ oil on canvas

Floating Pinks /150x190cm/oil on linen
Two Pinks in Diagonal Movement / 150x150cm/ oil on linen
Sculptural Pinks / 70x90 / oil on linen
Pink in Architecture / 190x130 cm / oil on linen

Pink in Caleidoscope

150x190cm, oil on linen

Pink Intersection on Black

150x190cm, oil on canvas

Everything Is Pink

Two Pinks or Pink Penetration, oil on canvas 225x180cm

Reclining Pink N5

Reclining Pink N4

Reclining Pink N3

Reclining Pink N2

Reclining Pink N1