Hands Series

The Hands. After Rodin. oil on canvas 44x56'' 1118x1422mm. 2009

The Depth

in progress /third phase/
in progress /second phase/

in progress /first phase/

Lacerated Triangle. Second Incarnation

stage 6 oil on canvas 60x40'' 1524x1016mm
stage 5
stage 4
stage 3
stage 2
stage 1


'Yellow on Yellow' 2009 oil on canvas
'Orange on Orange' 2009 oil on canvas
'Simple Orange' /'Orange on Orange' in progress/ 2009 oil on canvas

The Edge of New York

60x40" /1524x1016cm/ oil on canvas 2009

Ombre romane

humanized shadow. crayon under-drawing


Roman Imprint 2009. Rome

The Pond with Sword-bearers 2009. Rome

The Colour 2009. 50 x 50 cm. oil on canvas. Rome

Hands /after Michelangelo/ 50x75cm/oil on canvas. Rome - London

Ombre di Roma

Ombre di Roma _ dal quaderno di schizzi

New York _ Sketchbook

Sevilla :)