Semi-Permanent installation at Chisenhale Primary School. 
Chisenhale Road E3 5QY. London. UK. 

Silver acrylic mirrors, red acrylic mirrors, light, film gel, monofilament, styrofoam, silver spray paint, red gloss oil paint, red elastic shock cord.

Irregular combinatoric disposition of hundreds little red mirrors [half of which are covered with red lighting gel resulting in a volumetric reflection] at different distances of the space culminates in endless fragmented images of various magnifications ruining a normal sense of a scale and proportion. It is the impossibility of seeing the whole self, of taking a one comprehensive image. Those mirrors mirror not only a positioned in front of them something but also themselves and surroundings creating a multiple repetition of parts that will never match.

'You are constantly appearing and disappearing. Simultaneously. At the same time you are recording your own absence and presence. It all moves. Because of a slight wind fluctuation. You are always apart. You are never the whole. There is no such a thing as a whole unified you in here. You can take loads of pictures but none of them will constitute a defined image. You are fragmented and scaled out. Different distances ensure the scales of your fragments will never match. Distances create magnifications. Moreover, you have multiple heads: one of them is tiny, another - quite big, and the other is enormously huge. Your hands are at the different frames than your heads. Your feet and your knees are somewhere around too. And they all are in a different scale. Endless impossibility of recording. Multiplied. Scale-distorted. Fragmented Self-Reflections. And reflections of red mirrors into each other refracting surrounded space. After dark, everything is submerged into the redness.' /from construction notes/