Sharp and irritating to eye blue fluorescent light flooding the installation acts towards a feeling of alienation, uncomfortability, coldness and sickness. It is a hatred statement towards the invention of a mental illness and abandoned state.

Due to the nature of various reflective materials, each room posses its own inside and outside simultaneously. When being overlaid with a visible outside of either the street or internal hospital yard the whole sensory experience shakes to question the fundamental basics of the existence. All notions are displaced.

Created in a sharp contrast with the environment and at the same time using pats of this environment intact 'Talk To Me' is both a provocative opposition and natively integrated component of St Clement's. It is a conversation where a visitor is lost in an unpredictable continuity of his own reactions.

"Perhaps there is one way out, but that exit ought to be an entrance"
/Julio Cortazar, Hopscotch: 71/