Staircase - is an interplay between presence and absence where an illusion of a physicality, both of a space and body, is transferred through reflection, transparency and motion.

Invisible World of Intersections /from notes during construction/ :

'Filling the void with transparency is quite a special feeling. There is no space left but it is still nothing there. There is a strongly elaborated geometrical construction but you can see through easily without barriers. This multiplied transparency emphasises the presence of the atrium void and absence of the new structure itself. Daylight coming from big windows is hugely important as it animates fishing wire lines with reflections that move together with a direction of your gaze. The whole structure appears and disappears according to your physical position on the stairs. Looking from below upwards a floating dance of curvatures reveals itself, while looking from the top downwards you observe a sharpness of straight lines dissolving into a total blackness. Staircase reacts on a natural lighting conditions representing itself as different artworks at a dawn and sunset. In terms of the construction process, interaction with others is a key – even if you say “hi” to everyone walking up and down, this procedure is changing your day. The amount of conversation alongside such construction is incalculable.'