NOT A RED ROOM : Statement II

As it logically follows from a title, Not A Red Room is acting as an opposition to Red Room. The salt is removed from a bath as a container, - and a bath as an allusion to a tiny coffin or a boat that brings departed into the other side of a river is itself removed too.

However, in a biblical connotation salt is a meaning of life. In Red Room life was sustained by an array of my childhood experiences in manipulating negatives contained my own imagery in a bath-room that at a time was used in a role of a dark-room.

Within a space of Not A Red Room salt is placed in bin-bags. Hence, it means that life is thrown into the waste piles. This action signifies an ironical comment: Life has no meaning, it is nothing and so it does not really matter how you live and what you do. 'It all will be ended up equally', - says Not A Red Room sending you straight back into Red Room and somewhere just above and beyond it.