RED ROOM : Process

I love building. And I love to be lost in a process. I also like unexpected surprises questioning reality.

I often say that I build my installations in process of inhabiting a site without preliminary master-planning. And it is exactly what is true. However, it does not mean that I come on site and start doing random things. There is a lot of thinking and experimentation behind each work. Where the feeling of a site is paramount. Although, when the process comes up to inhabiting a site - this is what I do - I inhabit a site and dissolve in it. To put it another way, I am dissolving in site up to a total disappearing of self. I am becoming a site and a site is becoming me. At this stage, I have no idea what is going to happen next and why.

Overall, all that I do is create space. A space of your experience and contemplation. I am not interested in telling you a story behind my work before you dive into it. But I am keen on knowing your way of experiencing and understanding it. It is all because I think that dialogue is an important part of conversation.

Each installation is different. So does the process and materials behind it. There is no fixed formula or recipe. I do and at the same time I do not know how each work gets its final appearance. It is kind of absurd state of absolute control where everything is happening on its own and comes from nowhere. Final Result comes as a huge surprise and often in a form of a shocking revelation.

It is totally unreal to transplant any of my installation to any other place or recreate them in another environment. Firstly, because they are innate to the site, secondly, because there is a process of construction behind each of them records and documentation of which due to the hectic speed of construction I do not keep.