RED ROOM / NOT A RED ROOM / THE RED : Herrick Gallery : Jan/Feb 2014

As long as each of my installations is developing in a process of a construction and idea is being shaped during the process of inhabiting a site, it means that a work itself is a living and breathable organism and as a consequence a subject to be changed and developed over the duration of the exhibition. 

Therefore, Red Room introduces a new dimension to my art practice and by being rebuild into Not A Red Room and The Red, -  installation is going to have a new appearance and a meaning each time where its third reincarnation will exist for one day only, which will be the exhibition closing day.    

[Space-analysis] : it is a little three-grey-walls and one wall-size window space. With a white ceiling and floor. One wall is made of bricks. There is a wide low plinth adjoining the window. For long strip lights form a square on the ceiling. Window is huge – all other volumes are tiny. Window dissolves the borders between inside and outside, expanding a tiny space towards infinity. However, three out of six window-frames are sprayed with translucent frost paint. There is a clear unfrosted area – a path from one 'door' to the other. This space is domesticated: there is a private living area behind and beneath the gallery. Immediacy of the space is provided by a condition of absence of interim space. As long as a door is open, you are inside the gallery space. Main and One. There is a great deal of charm in this mix between the absence of the context and a high level of the presence of the same context at the same time. The space is definitely not neutral and and possesses a strong character.
A continuity of inside-outside relationships are transformed into the installation itself.